Most people don’t realize just how cool YouTube is….
You’re probably not using YouTube videos at their full potential. Because, until recently, this wasn’t very easy to do. But our The Clever YouTube Plugin was invented to make it simple for anyone to take control of YouTube–and display high-resolution videos on your website for absolutely free.
What does our Plugin do?
  • Play YouTube videos in SUPER High Definition 720p!
  • Use custom eye-catching Play Buttons–designed to get more people clicking.
  • Completely alter the “look and style” of the video player.
  • Start and Stop your video wherever you want.
  • Replace YouTube’s ugly default thumbnail image with your own image–e.g. a company logo, advertisement, call-to-action, etc.!
  • And much more!
It’s a YouTube Embedded Video on Steroids!
But the problem is that the default YouTube player doesn’t have much going for it. Sure it’s a very functional box–and does a good job of playing videos. But that’s about it. YouTube only gives you minimal control over their player. And, the player itself is a bit ugly.
(If you’ve worked hard to make your website pretty, then you may find it disheartening to embed a YouTube video and find yourself staring at a grainy thumbnail image.)
But fortunately, the boys at YouTube have created an absolutely amazing API. (If you don’t know what an API is, it’s just a set of functions that websites use to talk to each other). So, our Clever YouTube Plugin uses YouTube’s API to unlock YouTube’s full potential.
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