• You have been lied to… in a BIG way…

    Have you ever scrolled on social media only to see your friends and families’ life filled with abundance? And you’re just there, sitting and wondering… how you could have had that life too – one that’s filled with all the wealth you desire, meaningful relationships, doing the work you love and having complete control of your time.

    If only you could have all these things and more, right?

    Because let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to live the life they desire? We all want an abundant life. If you’ve been manifesting for a while now and haven’t seen any major change in your life… then maybe it’s time to rethink everything. Maybe you haven’t fully addressed your past pains, aches, and traumas.

    Meditation, affirmation, and scripting won’t work if you are still stuck with beliefs that do not allow you to move forward. You must find out what’s holding you back from manifesting the very life you could be living right now.

    How? By being honest about who’s been lying to you!

    Yep, you’re being lied to by someone about manifestation, and it’s not who you might think.

    See, this might not win me a lot of friends for saying. But, if you want to start getting results, we’ve got to get real, and face the truth.

    The person who’s lying to you… is YOU.

    You lied to yourself by believing that you couldn’t have all that you wanted. But you can!

    Here are three lies (we all tell ourselves) that hold you back from manifesting all you desire:

    Comfort Zone is the Safe Zone (it’s not!)

    Your comfort zone is not a safe zone for you to linger on. Stop believing the lie that it’s okay to be in this zone. To be honest, it’s the most dangerous place you could be in. It’s a place that stops you from ever moving forward. Your comfort zone limits your potential. It makes you feel unhappy and stuck.

    It leaves you feeling dissatisfied with where you are now. It blinds you from ever seeing the abundance that surrounds you. It doesn’t help you manifest your desires. It pulls you back and holds you down.

    So, how can you break free from this? By doing something that scares you. Well, not something that’s reckless but something that you really want, Like, applying for your dream job or calling that person you’ve been wanting to reconnect with.

    Believe in the power of magic in manifestation. It will lead you to your best life, surrounded by new things, endless opportunities, and limitless abundance.

    You have to be a victim of life (nope, you have to take ownership of your life)

    Another lie you might have been living with is you have to be a victim of life to experience miracles. No, you don’t have to be a victim. You have to take ownership of life and love life! Stop thinking that you have to be on your lowest to become your best.

    Wherever you are now, you can use manifestation to help you rise above it all and achieve what you want. Start overcoming this lie by loving yourself. Make it your foundation. Stop criticizing all that you do and start believing in yourself.

    Don’t let anything and anyone hinder you from living the life you deserve.

    Believing you can’t do it (you can and you will)

    The last lie is believing you can’t do it. Because to tell you the truth, you can and you will. You are a divine being capable of anything. Whatever it is you put your mind to, you can attain it.

    Yes, fear is okay. It’s normal. But you can’t let it control your dreams. You should be a little apprehensive when it comes to huge dreams or ideas and grand actions. However, in the end, you’ll always be the one who’s most excited about it!

    It’s impossible to list all the reasons why we’re overcome with fear. Sometimes we can’t help our negative thoughts take over once again, and we find ourselves in a hopeless situation.

    The key to rising above this is changing your perspective. View each dream as an opportunity and not just a challenge. It’s an opportunity to learn and become closer to your desires.


    If you really want to experience the best in life and have all your manifestations come true, then I have something for you.

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