Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) recommended a judicial candidate for the federal bench only to then withdraw support.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats posted a video of statements from chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) about Judge William Pocan, nominated to the eastern district of Wisconsin.

“Judge Pocan was scheduled to appear today, but the traditional practice of the committee is not to proceed with hearings on district court nominees until both of the home state senators return a blue slip,” indicating their approval, he said.

According to Johnson, he’s miffed that Judge Pocan doesn’t live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He lives about two hours away in the Capitol city as he is currently a state judge. Pocan said that he would relocate to inside the city limits if approved.

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“What’s more is that Sen. Johnson knew full well back in June that Judge Pocan did not live in Green Bay at this time,” said Durbin. “Yet, that did not prevent the bipartisan Wisconsin federal nominating commission from recommending Judge Pocan to Sens. Baldwin and Johnson. And it did not prevent Sen. Johnson from joining Sen. Baldwin and recommending Judge Pocan to the White House.”

“Let me emphasize that point,” Durbin continued. “Sen. Johnson is blocking this committee from proceeding on a nominee that he recommended to President Biden.”

Durbin also chastised Johnson and his staff for refusing to communicate with the committee for the past month, despite four attempts to speak with them about the judge. He closed by saying that when the Republicans were in charge, Democrats allowed them to move forward on the overwhelming majority of Democrats asked to support their state’s nominee did so.

Watch below:

Republican pulls support at the last minute for a judge he recommended


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